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About Venom Software Admin


User Interaction

Text to speech (you can define the voice, the speed and the volume) Open notepad with defined title and text Open balloon tooltip (you can set the icon, the title, the text and the time it will stay open)



Begin a support chat with the client Select window title and your name, prevent closing, minimize other windows, set topmost


Voice Chat

Allows to activate the transmission of your and the client?s microphone Fast transmission and fast codec (Opus) Define transmission mode and bitrate



Write and execute C# code & VB.Net code, syntax hightlighted editor and live syntax error view. Write and execute batch code, syntax hightlighted editor and create no window option.


Message Box

Set icon, buttons, caption and text of the message box, test it on your own pc and open it on the client?s pc


Fully Customizable

Venom Software Admin is fully customizable. You can configure it to work however it suits your needs.

Venom Software Administration Tool


Injection & Compression

Customizable injection options, with 4 different injection targets. QuickLZ compression to ensure a small output binary.


Startup & Persistence

Startup & installation module so your files run after a system reboot. Persistence & process protection to ensure it does not get terminated.


Cross Architecture Support

Runs on both x86 and x64 machines, cross-architecture support. Support for both native and managed files for a variety of options.


USG & Binder

Configurable unique stub generator for a unique build each time. Unlimited multi-extension file binder.


Multiple Features & Tools

Installation message, file digital certificate cloner. Assembly information editor & cloner, icon changer and a lot of other options to choose.


Private Stubs & Extras

Private stubs available for purchase with 1 free update. Many more features included in the application.

165$ Starter

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  • Free Support & Troubleshooting
  • Maximum Results & Efficiency

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