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Golden Eye is a Remote Control coded from scratch in C#. It has evolved very much since its previous versions and we have included a large variety of new features to provide a complete and stable file Remote Control solution. With its strong unique stub generator system. It is ensured that your build will be highly different. To a rate of 80% from each other build.Our primary goal is to provide customers with a complete solution to fit their needs and give efficient and fast results. We believe that good code provides good results and as such, your search for a complete crypting solution has come to an end. With Golden Eye Rat Do not hesitate just go ahead and have a taste of this wonderful application and you will never regret this decision.

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About Golden Eye


Private Stubs

We provide you with many useful features to give you the best possible experience while remote controlling your machines.



The Golden Eye System Administration Tool is the perfect solution for remotely controlling your computers. It was programmed in C# based on the .net Framework.


Current Stub Price

The Golden Eye System Administration Tool is regularly maintained and updated by our team. We also offer comprehensive assistance should you have any questions or problems with our software.

Golden Eye Features



We offer an easy to use user interface to give even beginners an easy start with our product



The control panel enable you to use other options, such as Password Recovery, information Gathering, Visit Website. Configuring the On join Commands and much more.



In the Download tab files downloaded by all functions are displayed to ensure the best possible overview. Here you can find all the download files by the files searcher File Manager & others.



The so called ?Client Builder? allows you to create an executable (.exe) file that connects to the System Administration Workstation. The Builder is only able to create executable (.exe) Files. Golden Eye is only compatabile with windows

Golden Eye Administration Tool


Injection & Compression

Customizable injection options, with 4 different injection targets. QuickLZ compression to ensure a small output binary.


Startup & Persistence

Startup & installation module so your files run after a system reboot. Persistence & process protection to ensure it does not get terminated.


Cross Architecture Support

Runs on both x86 and x64 machines, cross-architecture support. Support for both native and managed files for a variety of options.



Our programming team is highly experienced in various languages and can deliver quality software fast & reliably. Efficiency is guaranteed.


Multiple Features & Tools

Installation message, file digital certificate cloner. Assembly information editor & cloner, icon changer and a lot of other options to choose.



We can fix your own code in case you have run into a dead-end. Name the problem and we will do our best to provide you with a solution.

150 $ Lifetime

  • All Features Included
  • Free Updates for The Duration
  • Free Support & Troubleshooting
  • Maximum Results & Efficiency

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